hi. i'm steph. i just turned 30 and i am a lesbian from boston, massachusetts. i am a student currently, and my life revolves around lgbt rights, writing, film, traveling, my friends, and music, specifically Lady Gaga. i am an old school X-Phile (X-Files fan, for those who were wondering), and more currently, a Little Monster along with many of my friends. i enjoy reading, movies, adventures, pushing limits, sleeping in the streets and laughing and crying with my Monster Family. i live halfway between fantasy and reality at all times, and i like it that way. i have 32 tattoos and i love tattoo culture. my dream is to be a published writer and a journalist. i also dream for happiness for myself and everyone i love. "you may say that i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one" .....

dont meet your heroes

Word prompt please?


Will someone give me a prompt, to write a fanfiction on you choose the show and the pairing and any word and I’ll write it. These are the shows and pairings:

NCIS -tiva
NCIS LA-densi

Castle, Caskett - and my word is “grief”. 

what would Kate Beckett do?


Reblog if you are part of the Castle Fandom! :)<3


Reblog if you are part of the Castle Fandom! :)<3

Lady Gaga

—Posh Life (Demo)


Lady Gaga | Posh Life (New leaked demo for TLC)

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